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Here's the Reason Why You Can't Photocopy Money

Wendover Productions details the endless laws that make it nearly impossible for a normal person to make a copy of money (or even edit it in Photoshop). It’s pretty entertaining.

Here's the Reason Why You Can't Photocopy Money

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"For older bills, it was because of the Eurion constellation, which is an order of dots that appears on pretty much every major currency. Today, there’s a new counterfeit deterrence system which includes the Eurion constellation but also has other mysterious forces at work."

Anything to stop counterfeiting. And yes, this page I can comment on. 

I did everything the same, including copying/pasting a comment after posting. The only difference I can see is the address (this one starts with "sploid") but the link wasn't really the problem.

Maybe the problem was that picture?

I uploaded it as a saved image, 800x450px.  

Yeah but if it's a broken image somewhere in the bits of the image it could mess up the page. 

That would be my guess. Sometimes images look ok but they're broken internally. 

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