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Hacker May Have Taken $50 Million From Cybercurrency Project

A hacker appears to have moved digital money worth more than $50 million from an experimental virtual currency project that recently raised more than $150 million — all of it in the form of Ether, an alternative cybercurrency to Bitcoin.


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Well that's not good. 

Ethereum is more than just a cryptocurrency... it's a distributed software model, with lots of interesting possible applications.  Including, some of predicted, virtual distributed corporations that basically *are* software... or at least, driven by Ethereum-run software as a sort of "constitution"

So then it doesn't surprise you that a hacker could steal millions?

Distributed corporations sounds really interesting.

And more challenging to keep honest. 

Adam, I am not surprised because computer systems are difficult to secure, especially complex new ones.  But as these these go, it's a notable compromise!

Geege, is your name pronounced with one syllable or two?  I don't know much about the topic but check out

Agreed that it's a notable compromise. 

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