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Benchmark Capital Exits 18 Investments

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Benchmark is an incredible fund in terms of performance, resisting the urge to get into seed funding or raising $1b mega funds. Well played.

I'm having a pehub fail on iPad.

What contributed most of the gains for this fund?

Zillow, Zipcar, Yelp, among others.

Did this fund also have FriendFeed (Facebook), Twitter, Quora, Asana, and Instagram?

Or was that a different fund?

I think that's the current fund, which will be a monster!

Forbes reports that Benchmark made $2 billion on Twitter, $2 billion on Snapchat, and $7 billion on Uber:

Here's the money quote:

Benchmark’s approach may be contrarian, but it has worked beautifully. Over the 20 years of its existence the partnership has backed many of the biggest names of the Internet era, such as Dropbox, eBay, Instagram, Yelp and Zillow. The last few years have proven especially lucrative. A $32 million bet on Twitter is now worth $2.2 billion. A $21 million investment in Snapchat, led by Mitch Lasky (No. 70 on the list), is held at $2 billion. Benchmark’s reward for being one of the first VCs to back Uber is an estimated $7 billion stake in the car-hailing behemoth. On a single day in December, Fenton celebrated IPOs for two portfolio companies: New Relic and Hortonworks.

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