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Is There a Secret Storyline in ​Game of Thrones​ This Week Season 6 Episode 9?

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I wonder what the secret is. 

And I wonder if any of this speculation will come true.

Wait, did they say only 15 episodes left?!

But at this point, Game of Thrones is likely too overstuffed with plot to have an episode entirely dedicated to one battle. With possibly only 15 episodes left in the entire series, there are just too many pieces to move for the show to press pause like it did in Season 2 for Blackwater and Season 4 for the Battle of Castle Black. It’s possible we might get a single-location episode again in the future, now that so many plotlines are converging—but it’s understandable that there’s no room for it this season. 

This tantalizing alliance between Yara and Daenerys teased in TV & Satellite Week also feeds into one of the biggest themes of Game of Thrones Season 6: female domination. From the bloody, gender-driven coup in Dorne to Sansa’s ascendency in the North, Yara’s frat-girl bravado, Brienne’s crowd-pleasing love triangle, Daenerys’s Khal roast, the political machinations of the Tyrell women, and more, Season 6 has made every effort to rehabilitate the show’s reputation as an unfriendly world for women. A union between Yara and Daenerys—especially in light of Tyrion’s failed attempt to play statesman in Meereen—can only mean more female empowerment as the season comes to a close. And hey, why settle for just the Battle of the Bastards when you can have the Battle of the Babes at the same time?

Okay I really enjoyed the Daenrys storyline in s6e9.

Me too. Draconus ex machina.

Those dragons are going to be even more useful next season. 

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