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The Best Fish Forward Rules

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Especially lobsterscrabsoystersmussels,clams, and bay scallops. Less so regular scallops.

But AVOID Shrimp-- it's one of the most damaging fisheries around. 90% of Shrimp you find in the USA is imported.

2) Eat SMALL fish, like sardinesanchovies,herring. They are great for you!

3) Eat BIG fish very, very mindfully. We're talking the Big guys- Tuna, Swordfish. There just aren't a lot of them left- and they're full of mercury & other pollutants. If you have to, only pick WILD USA-caught. If you HAVE to eat Tuna, pick US wild-caught Albacore.

NEVER eat bluefin tuna, Chilean sea bass, or farmed salmon. These three are the most harmful to the ocean ecosystems, and there is currently no sustainable way to harvest them. 

4) Go WILD & LOCAL, not Organic. There is no such thing as an organic wild fish. Stick to "Storied" seafood: fish that say specifically where they came from, and how they were caught. #storiedfish

5) Don't be a GEARHEAD, but if a fish waspole, hook-and-line or harpoon caught, that's a happier fish caught with a better fishing method.

As for Farmed fish: while these make up over50% of the fish distributed now in the world, it's truly a complicated category, especially as the processes produce fish protein at a net LOSS. There is no sure "good" version of farmed fish, so I say avoid it as much as possible. 

Best choices are plant-eating tilapia, catfish, and carp. 

In general I can live with these rules but I do like Albacore. 

And I'm not a fan of sardines, anchovies, and herring. 

Just searched US Wild Caught Albacore and Google gave me Jet, Thrive, Walmart ... everything but Amazon.  :)

I wonder why no Amazon. 

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