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ReGrained wants you to “eat your beer” and stop wasting so much damn food.

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I had no idea. 

Did you know that six-pack of cheap beer you sucked back last weekend created about a pound of waste in the making? After barley or other grains are soaked in breweries, the liquid is extracted to create beer and the used grains are discarded. Some companies bring the old product to local farms, which use it as feed for their animals while others are able to compost the spent grains. However, for some smaller breweries in urban areas, there are no pigs to feed and no compost system able to take such a mass amount of product. What would be a good solution for all these leftovers?

Dan Kurzrock and Jordan Schwartz found one. In 2012, they launched the company ReGrained and began turning used grains into new snack bars. Their vision is to help the urban ecosystem go further with less by creating ways for beer grain to go far beyond the brewery without sacrificing nutrition, taste and sustainability.

Or, you know, we could stop drinking beer.

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