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What We Can Expect from Game of Thrones Season 7

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Sam is charming!

Presumably Sam and Gilly spent the entire season traveling to Oldtown (hey! some travel time that actually makes sense!) so that Sam could discover some incredible info about how to protect the realm from White Walkers buried deep somewhere in that massive Citadel library. Hopefully Gilly will have more to do than just stand around and awkwardly shift that heavy baby on her hip. (Watch the episode again and take a drink every time poor Hannah Murray struggles to keep “little” Sam in her arms.) Still, there’s plenty of opportunity for some lighter moments here next year. John Bradleywas very charming with his few minutes of screen time in this episode.

Samwell is the sorbet palate cleanser making us forget momentarily the horror of a previous scene before diving in for more.

He's the hero Westeros needs!

Do you know what the slogan of House Tarly is?

house tarly first in battle meme imgur

Foreshadowing for the white walker battle?

Cersei Jaime long may she reign iron throne gif imgur s6e10 winds of winter

What is Jaime thinking?

Changes From Book to Film: The North


Winter is here! What does that mean?

Important point:

"But there’s also the curious matter of Uncle Benjen’s abrupt info dump right before he left Bran and Meera on the doorstep of the Wall. “This is where I leave you,” he said. “The Wall’s not not just ice and stone. Ancient spells were carved into its foundation. Strong magic to protect men from what lies beyond. While it stands, the dead cannot pass. I cannot pass.” This is a plot point many book-savvy viewers were quick to point out earlier this season. The spells that protected the Three-Eyed Raven’s cave are the same that protect the Wall."

It will be important to maintain this spell, and also probably means this is where the battle will be fought, at the Wall, and hopefully finished there.

I think of Sam as being modeled after George himself, so keep thinking he will be the hero in the end, and come out on top in some way.

Sam has a Valyrian steel sword and a reason to live (Gilly and Little Sam) plus he knows how to kill white walkers. He should be a hero in this story.

I wonder if Bran passes through the wall he breaks the magic that keeps the dead from passing through it, just like he ruined the raven's cave. If that were the case the final battle might be at Winterfell. 

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