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Scientists Discovered A New Blue Color And It's Absolutely Gorgeous

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Can I buy a vowel?

The blue, called YInMn, was accidentally discovered by Mas Subramanian, a professor of materials science at Oregon State University.


Yinmin it is.

Cool color facts:

“Ever since the early Egyptians developed some of the first blue pigments, the pigment industry has been struggling to address problems with safety, toxicity and durability,” said Subramanian in statement released by OSU. Existing blue pigments include ultramarine, made from ground lapis lazuli, and toxic alternatives such as cobalt blue and Prussian blue, making OSU’s discovery a major breakthrough.

YInMn, Subramanian added, is “more durable, safe and fairly easy to produce… it also appears to be a new candidate for energy efficiency,” as it reflects a large amount of infrared light. A roof painted in YInMn blue could potentially help keep the building cooler.

“This new blue pigment is a sign that there are new pigments to be discovered in the inorganic pigments family,” added Geoffrey T. Peake, the research and development manager of the Shepherd Color Company, which has licensed the patent is already selling samples of YInMn blue. The pigment is still undergoing testing before it is made more widely available.


Blue has been desirable since before the days of Indigo trade, right?

Yes!  A short history or blue pigments:

short history of blue pigments inks dyes infographics blue00

Wow, blue has been desirable throughout history!

And people are ecstatic!

I'm afraid I just blue myself gif imgur lagsiLe

There has GOT to be a better way to say that. 

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