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South Korean Dog Cloning Facility Can Give You Your Dead Dog Back

The process starts with putting your dead dog in the fridge—not the freezer, just the fridge. Oh, and don’t forget to wrap it in wet towels too.

In about five days of delivery to the facility, a mature cell from the dog can be successfully harvested, and copied; the DNA is then fused with a donor egg that has been stripped of its original genetic material. The embryo from this process is then implanted in a surrogate mother dog. Two months later, your dead best friend back to being a puppy.

South Korean Dog Cloning Facility Can Give You Your Dead Dog Back

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Would it have the same personality as my dog?

Seems like it would, or at least the potential — got to factor in nature with a new round of nurture.

I guess a dog's abilities carry over —

"Sooam’s most publicized project was its creation of five clones of Trakr, a rescue dog that found the last survivor of the 9/11 World Trade Center tragedy.”


That's cool. I do wonder how much dog personality is nurture. 


While cloning in itself is already a hotbed of debate, Sooam’s founder Hwang Woo-Suk has a notorious past, further bringing the company’s moral and ethical foundations to question.

In 2004 and 2005, he published a claim stating he has successfully derived stem cell lines from cloned human embryos. This was later on found out to be a hoax. The scandal revealed numerous ethical violations.

In 2009, he was served a two-year suspended prison sentence for embezzlement and bioethical violations.

“I think the only way to win the public’s trust back is making more genuine scientific breakthroughs,” Hwang said."

(I'm not saying a thing....)

Yeah, it will be difficult to EVER trust him. 

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