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Microsoft has written roughly 200 megabytes of data into DNA.

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Is that a good idea?

What could go wrong?

It grows into an organism that grows out of control?

Someone else was looking into using bacteria for storage. 

What could go wrong?

Although right now the technique is expensive and researchers warn there’s still a long way to go in terms of making DNA storage a commercial reality, Strauss is confident that the costs of reading and writing DNA will fall significantly in coming years. She also says there is already evidence that they are falling faster than the cost of fabricating transistors did over the past 50 years, a trend that has been the engine of much innovation in computing.

This new technology will be seen as a potential replacement for magnetic tape, which is the standard mechanism for long-term data stores today.

DNA storage has the potential to last billions of years, right?

"imagine checking for bad sectors in a 360TB quartz tablet..."

I can't even imagine. 

Can you imagine storage that lasts 14 billion years?

Fourteen billion of anything is difficult to comprehend.

Yes that's true. Inconceivable!

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