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A No-Slaughter Leather Startup Just Raised $53 Million

We’re making a material that has no hair flesh or fat on it. So the liming and toxicity you see elsewhere in the leather trade is eliminated,” Modern Meadow CEO and co-founder Andras Forgacs noted.

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Biofabrication also allows them to “design, grow, and assemble collagen” along with other proteins to produce leather that is biologically identical to traditional leather, minus the unwanted details that make traditional leather processing toxic.

"And because the laboratory fabrication process gives them more control, designers could order leather with specific characteristics rather than simply choosing from what’s naturally available. This flexibility would help the company secure its market and achieve their goal of becoming the world’s go-to source of leather."

If it's not "naturally available", should it still be called "leather"?

Sounds like faux leather to me.

So I've been wearing shoes made of "hair flesh"...

Essentially, yes. How does it feel?

It feels like I should slip on a pair of running shoes. 

And what are those running shoes made of? Synthetic fiber?

"Engineered mesh". 


No animals were harmed in the making of that mesh? Yesh?

Yesh.  I smiled because mesh rhymes with yesh.  :)

:) :) :)

I thought you'd like that. 

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