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Scientists have developed a new kind of bio-ink which contains stem cells and allows 3D printing of a living tissue.

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Yeah science!

What they found impressive was, after the cell nutrients were introduced, the synthetic polymer was completely removed from the 3D structure. What was left out was the stem cells and the natural seaweed polymer, which created microscopic pores within the structure. These pores provided a more effective passage for the nutrients to enter the stem cells.

Findings could lead to the ability to print complex tissues using a patient’s own stem cells.  One of the application could be to print surgical bones and cartilage implants, which could one day be used as replacements in knee and hip surgeries.

The full study was published in Advanced Healthcare Materials journal.

Top Reddit comments:

3D printing of bones and cartilage would change everything. Face reconstruction, be it for a nose job or to repair injury, would be changed forever.


Indeed, we're not far from that now. Very exciting times ahead. 

I have a particular interest in this when it comes to morphological freedom. If one could rebuild any part of one's body to whatever shape desired, that alone would get us much closer to that ideal.

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