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NFL Colts make Chuck Pagano 'proud' - ESPN

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Andrew Luck sounds ...not like Peyton or Tom...

How so?

He played unbelievably well against the Packers yesterday.

He looks like one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL already, and he's only played five games.

I mean he doesn't look and talk like the rest of them; he's a phenomenal QB, and seemingly from all reports, an even more remarkable human being.

Watch the interview, from a pure perception point of view (not sports-related).

It's also fascinating to watch RG3 in comparison.

RG3 is exciting to watch but he plays dangerously, which could shorten his career.

I bet they will not run any more designated plays this year. Concussions are serious injuries; they could shorten a players life, not just his career.

I think the league should prohibit such plays for that very reason.

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