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Pokemon Go Master Tips from Nick Johnson, the first person to catch all 142 Pokemon in his Pokedex.

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Tip 3: Level Up Fast in Pokemon Go with Pidgey and Weedle

If you're trying to level up quickly, you want to focus on relatively common Pokémon like Pidgey and Weedle, Johnson says, because they only require 12 or 25 candy to evolve — versus the 50 or more candy it takes for rarer, more powerful beasts.

Tip 4: Egg Incubators Are the Best Bang for your Buck

If you're going to spend real money on "Pokémon GO," he says that egg incubators are the best bang for your buck, working out to about 33 cents per egg hatched.

Tip 5: Be social!

Above all else, Johnson says, the key is to work with other people. "There aren't many social features built in, but its a very social game. If you don't know where to find a specific Pokémon, ask your fellow Trainers! They're usually happy to help out."


For instance, Johnson says he spent days being totally unable to find Dratini, a rare dragon-type Pokémon. But a random fellow player he talked to on the street told him of a secret Dratini nest in Jersey City, and within a day he had enough to evolve it into Dragonite.

Apparently Ingress Exotic Matter (XM) helps you find rare Pokemon too.

Magikarp's evolved state is none other than the mighty Gyarados.

Why you should evolve Magikarp in Pokemon GO Business Insider

Why you should evolve Magikarp in Pokemon GO Business Insider

Why you should evolve Magikarp in Pokemon GO Business Insider

Why you should evolve Magikarp in Pokemon GO Business Insider

Pokemon Go Eevee evolution hack: Naming an Eevee "Sparky" will make it evolve into Jolteon, "Rainer" will get you Vaporeon, and "Pyro" will get you Flareon.

Pokemon Go How to evolve Eevee Tech Insider

Pokemon Go How to evolve Eevee Tech Insider

Pokemon Go How to evolve Eevee Tech Insider

Pokemon Go How to evolve Eevee Tech Insider

Pokemon Go How to evolve Eevee Tech Insider

Pokemon Go How to evolve Eevee Tech Insider

Snorlax, Vapras, Victreebell, and Venosaur are good against Vaporeon.

How to beat Vapereon:

Realistic Poke Ball Hack:

The payoff at the end is totally worth it.

Poke ball spinning trick:

When you're fighting a Pokemon, you can use your thumb and spin the ball a whole bunch and it will start getting all sparkly, and then when you throw it the Pokemon will be way more likely to stay in the ball.

The catch is that it's also like throwing a curveball instead, so it doesn't go straight and you have to learn to throw it to the side at the right angle instead. But once you get the hang of it, it becomes way easier, and now it's basically the only way I catch Pokemon unless they're SUPER low like under 100 CP.



  • When a pokestop is in range: If the pokestop is just a blue box, it's too far away and you can't do anything with it. If it expands to a big spinning disc, you're in range!
  • What to do at a pokestop: Click on it, and you'll see a landmark in the middle circle. If you spin that, pokeballs, raspberries, potions, and more will fall out for you to use in your hunting and battling.
  • Revisiting pokestops: After you use a pokestop, it will turn purple, which means you can't use it anymore. But after 5 minutes, it'll turn blue again and you can spin another time and get even more goodies!
  • Who can use pokestops: The same pokestops are visible to everyone, but what you get out of them will be different for each person, and pokestops only turn purple for you and are still usable to everyone else during that time period in the same way.


  • What lures do and how to recognize them: If you see a bunch of flower petals at a pokestop, that means someone has set up a lure there, so way more pokemon will be attracted there and you should totally go hang out there and catch all of them. Lures affect everyone in the area.
  • Setting up lures at pokestops: If you click on the pokeball in the bottom middle of your screen, you'll open up your menu options, one of which is a backpack labeled "Items." You'll be able to see if you have any lures available (as well as your stock of everything else) there. If you want to add a lure to a pokestop, go to the pokestop, click on the little white pill below the name and above the circle photo of the landmark, and place your lure there. If there's already a lure there, the white pill/oval shape will have a pink-looking thing that almost looks like a battery life symbol, and you won't be able to place yours there.
  • How long lures last: Lures will expire 30 minutes after they are set up, and then pokemon will just come at a regular rate.

Source of these tips:

Pokevision tells us where the Pokemon at:,-122.0116551038

Finding rare Pokemon:

So you're tired of catching Pidgeys. How do you find rare Pokemon?

  • Not with the game's Nearby feature. As of July 2016, it simply doesn't work reliably.
  • Sites like can show you where Pokemon are in real time -- as long as they (and the game's servers) aren't being overloaded by players.
  • Certain rare Pokemon will spawn in specific locations (known as "nests"). Search /r/pokemongo for "nests" in order to find ones near you. Also try parks.
  • You might want to travel to find different types of Pokemon. In the San Francisco Bay Area where CNET is based, we rarely see Geodudes or Sandshrews, even though they're common in LA.
  • Don't expect to find more Pokemon in the wilderness. They're most concentrated in heavily populated areas.
  • Pokemon spawn locations don't always make geographical sense. We found an awful lot of electric-type Pokemon like Voltorb and Magnemite in a beach town, and very few water-type Pokemon there.


You've achieved Trainer Level 20. Is it time to upgrade your Pokemon and smack down some gyms?

Not so fast: You'll want to make sure you have the right Pokemon so you don't waste your precious Stardust. The only way to obtain Stardust -- and in tiny quantities -- is catching Pokemon.

  • Hackers have discovered that each Pokemon has unique, hidden "Individual Values" (IV) that determine their maximum potential, and you can calculate them based on the Pokemon's CP, HP and the cost to power it up using an online spreadsheet. Or, try a more user-friendly version here. You might also try this one.
  • The more "perfect" a Pokemon's IVs (out of 100), the more useful it'll likely be for battling at gyms.
  • You may want to transfer Pokemon that don't have high IV, because they'll never be as strong.
  • You'll also want to evolve Pokemon before you power them up, to make sure they've got attacks that do the most damage. Once a Pokemon evolves, they'll get a new randomly generated set of moves.
  • Some moves are faster, and others do more damage. You can find way, way too much data about Pokemon movesets in this crowdsourced spreadsheet, or a simplified (perhaps oversimplified?) list of the best moves right here.
  • You'll probably want a slow super move that does a lot of damage, because otherwise your Pokemon's quick attack is much more efficient.
  • You can force an Eevee to turn into a Vaporeon, Jolteon or Flareon just by changing its name before you evolve, but you can only do it once. Make sure it's a good Eevee (with high IV and/or CP) before you take the plunge.

Taking down gyms

Once you've got your dream Pokemon team, it's time to start winning some battles.

  • Yes, we said teamYou can take six Pokemon into battle against a rival gym-- even though you're limited to one Pokemon when training at a gym your team already controls. Swap out which Pokemon you want to use by tapping on them on the gym screen, then tapping on the one you want in that slot.
  • You can take down rival gyms much faster and easier by teaming up with friends. You'll both do damage to the defending Pokemon simultaneously as long as you're in sync.
  • The type of your Pokemon's attack really does matter: you can take down a defending Pokemon with 500 CP higher than yours as long as they're weak to that type. (Fire beats Grass, Water beats Fire and so on -- here's a full chart.)
  • The attack type, not the Pokemon type, matters when attacking. Even if you have a Fire-type Pokemon, its attacks might do Dark or Ground or Normal-type damage.
  • You take down rival gyms and upgrade friendly gyms much faster by using Pokemon with lower CP than the defender. (Pokemon Go rewards the underdog.)
  • If you take down a gym with a friend and nobody else is around, you can upgrade that gym faster by intentionally defending it with Pokemon your friend can easily defeat. 
  • After you knock down an enemy gym, you don't automatically take control!You need to place a Pokemon on top immediately, or risk someone else doing it first.
  • You can snipe gyms, too. Look for gyms that are under attack (they'll have sparks and scuffle animations) and wait for them to turn grey. Then drop your Pokemon on it immediately.
  • For a better chance at sniping, tap the gym, then back to the map, then gym, then map repeatedly. You refresh the gym's status quicker that way.
  • Always check your own team's gyms to see if they have a vacant slot for your own Pokemon. 
  • Don't forget to get your gym rewards: You can claim them once every 21 hours for every gym that stays in your control. If you rarely manage to beat a gym, you'll want to do it immediately. (The button is the shield at the top right of the Shop screen, for some odd reason.)
  • If one of your gyms is taken over, don't immediately fight back, because the attackers are probably still there. Wait a while until they leave before you attempt to regain it.

Some final tips

You can learn way, way more about the secret values that determine everything in Pokemon Go by checking out this list of hidden stats. Why do some Pokemon escape Pokeballs more often? The answer is there.

Want to turn your Pokemon into an old-school Pokemon card? Here's a card generator!

Care for a regularly updated list of incredible, potentially dodgy tools built by the Reddit community that we absolutely cannot vouch for and might get you banned from the game (or worse)? Click here.

When you're ready to kick your Pokemon Go habit, we've got a guide for that too.


Omg someone used a bot to reach Pokemon Go level 40:

Pokemon Go level 40 meme Imgur player uses a bot to reach the game's maximum level | The Verge

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