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Polaris Moon rover rolled out for Lunar Robot Open House - The Tartan Online

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Pittsburgh-based space robotics company Astrobotic Technology, Inc. rolled out the first prototype of its lunar ice prospecting robot, Polaris, in the Gates Center at its first official public unveiling.

There's ice on the moon?!

very very cold ice but yes.

Very very cold ice sounds like something Foreigner would sing about.

Today I learned something new thanks to you.

No, I had to go and look it up - I learned something new thanks to you!

btw i will never look at lunar ice the same way now that you've associated Foreigner with it!

Oh, sorry. At least I didn't post a Vanilla Ice video. :)

then i better post icehouse crying for the moon

Oh thank goodness, not only did you rescue this thread, but you tied together the themes of ICE and MOON. Brilliant!

When I searched for ice deposits on moon I found this:

Ice moon

Crazy - not only india but japan, china and europe have all done controlled crash moon landings. (soviet landings were not considered crash landings) Now that there's water, someone is definitely going to be selling real estate soon.

Star Trek was right. Space truly is the final frontier.

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