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Robert Griffin III Is The Quarterback Of The Future Of The Past

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I've been thinking the same thing every time RG3 plays:

If you're a Redskins fan or you own Robert Griffin III in a fantasy league, you knew that what happened Sunday was going to happen at some point. You knew that the Shanahans were exposing RG3 to way too much punishment—like a kid playing with a Christmas toy for 20 straight hours—and that Griffin would slide just a hair too late one Sunday and someone would come along and break his Kung-Fu Grip. And lo and behold, here was Falcons linebacker Sean Weatherspoon, delivering the inevitable blow in the third quarter of Atlanta's 24-17 victory. If it hadn't been Weatherspoon, it would have been someone else. RG3 now has a "mild concussion"...

This is a pocket QB vs. hybrid QB issue. Any QB who starts off as a hybrid QB/RB will hit a wall. Always. The NFL will never allow you to escape unscathed when you play that way (and when coaches are stupid enough to force you to play that way).

Michael Vick had his share of injuries because of this. Tim Tebow and Cam Newton are exciting to watch, but the same fate awaits them.

The truly elite quarterbacks in the NFL protect themselves. They aren't as flashy, but they don't get injured as much.

RGIII only had one designed run play before getting hurt. He just doesn't know how to slide/get out of bounds; he's a rookie. If you watched Ryan Tannehill in "Hard Knocks" you'd see he had the same problem.

I agree with the Vick argument; however, Vick is 31, is short (under 6 feet tall), and his O-line has been remarkably questionable throughout his career.

Cam Newton is so much of a different player than the others you mentioned; look at his stats last year. He was the best rookie QB ever in the history of the game; QB not running QB or black QB or athletic QB -- just any QB. He really shouldn't be mentioned in the same sentence as Tebow.

Donovan McNabb is a better comparison for RGIII; despite how it ended, Donovan had a pretty solid career in the 2000s and led his team to a number of AFC championship games, and one Super Bowl appearance.

Newton runs with the ball a lot, too, but unlike RG3 he works hard to protect himself. So does Tebow.

RG3 marches straight into danger. You're right, he needs to learn to slide/evade rather than just run right into the defender.

Maybe he believes his own hype; however unfortunate his concussion is, the silver lining might be that he takes safety a lot more seriously now.

Sadly, I did know this was coming, but that didn't make it any less hard to swallow. He's fearless, but he'll learn that self-preservation is more important. I saw a prominent Redskin blogger said he'd rather RGIII hand the ball to the ref and forfeit the rest of the game than take another hit like that, and I'd agree.

What scares me is that's 2 concussions in the past year. RGIII will be an all-time great if he can stay healthy.

Does the NFL have a cap on the number of concussions one can endure before they're not allowed to play?

I don't think there's a specific number, but it's also being watched more closely than ever before as all these ex-NFL players are offing themselves and being found to have significant brain damage in autopsies.

It does seem like the game is getting more brutal, not less.

Better technology off the field means bigger, faster, stronger, and quicker men; better technology on the field means lighter but sfurdier pads, and more aerodynamic equipment.

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