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No, Megyn Kelly Should Not Have Worn That Dress On-Air During the 2016 RNC

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"There's no right to wear whatever you want to work, nor is it bad for a company to have dress standards."

There's just something 'off' about getting your clavicles powdered before doing a newscast.

Fox News approves everything she wears on air, right?

Can I say "Fox News also approves of everything she takes off"? I won't say it if it's too snarky.

Of course you can say it. :)

Then consider it said... ;)

There is a discussion in comments about Fox news approving what she - and other anchors - wears, and why they might had approved that particular dress, and why it is not a good thing.

Especially in light of firing Roger Ailes for harassment. 

Firing Roger Ailes IS a good thing :)

Yes, it was a good thing. And yet they still approved that dress.

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