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Bears Come Down to Beach to Swim Amongst Humans in Lake Tahoe

Source: YouTube Video

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Hey, Janill ...

Yep, this is adorable, but not a good thing in the long run.  They put a young juvenile bear down around that same area earlier this summer, because it kept raiding the trash, and last straw it got a soft side cooler out of a jeep.  It's pretty shocking how the mom is so relaxed with her cubs, while surrounded by people, it's going to be an ugly ending for her if a tourist gets stupid.  The cubs might get lucky and make it to the wildlife shelter.

Woah, is that real??

Yesh, amazing!  Mama bears are usually so protective of their cubs!


She still seems pretty at ease, though, surprisingly...

Last words

Lol. Oh Reddit sometimes tickles me!

Hahaha qualified wording!

When it comes to Reddit, yes.

Get ready for some feels:

Aww. Bears and Deers can be friends?

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