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Topless Tonga flag bearer Pita Taufatofua sends fans wild walking into Olympic stadium ceremony covered in baby oil

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Good guy Pita!

In addition to his good looks, USA Today reported that the 32-year-old had spent his whole adult life working in homeless shelters to help the underprivileged.

Omg he's excellent looking, an Olympic athlete, AND he's kind??


They really liked their oil:

Some suggest that rubbing the oil in helped to warm up and limber the muscles before exercise, others that the oil protected the skin from the sun and the elements. Another theory is that oil produced a glistening body which was aesthetically pleasing and desirable, or that the coating of oil prevented the loss of bodily fluids during exercise…There may also have been a religious dimension: the athlete dedicated himself by the use of oil [which was used, for example, to anoint divine images]…These theories are not mutually exclusive, and we may suspect that the custom was so venerable and ubiquitous among the Greeks that they themselves were uncertain of its full range of significance’.

Eyebrow waggle. :)

He knows he's got it. :)

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