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2116: What Our World Will Look Like in a Century

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Cool Reddit comment:

As a person that dables in Neural Networks you have no idea how far away from the Singularity we actually are.

We are not even at flies brain level right now. Fuck that we're just above ameba level. 

Be a realistic futurist. 

In the last 25 years our lives have changed very little due to disruptive technologies. If you worked on a PC back in 1990 on a spreadsheet type program EXCEL doesn't look all that different in 2016... 

It's been very linear so far. What they predicted in 1993 : 


Took some time but by 2011 we were there. MicroSDs are actually smaller then that disket and phones are about twice the size of that clock. If you were a IT guy back 25 years you've seen things increase in speed, decrease in size but the fundamentals are more or less the same. 

I'm watching Xfiles from the start right now. Honestly the only thing thats different from then and now is Mobile phones and internet. There been no game chancing technologies apart from that. No new energy sources that could power whole cities, no new car engine designs that could replace old ones.

Only now after god knows how many years are we switching to electric cars and it's still in it's infancy it will take 50 years for us to 90% phase out petrol... 

Singularity by 2030 is a joke. You can save this and if reddit exists in 2030 contact me and we'll see what happened. 

2030 is like a date 50 year old people set now because they're hoping they won't have to die.... But it's too late for Bill Gates and his generation to live forever and it's very probably too late for my 1989 generation too.

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