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Tieton, Washington’s reinvigoration (like it or not)

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This one story about a small town in Washington State, where I grew up, basically encapsulates SO MUCH of what is happening in this country with demographic and economic shifts -- but in a happy way. Long story short: small town that used to be apple-growers gets globalized out of a full existence while also undergoing a demographic shift that leaves it with a core of old-time white Protestants and a younger Catholic Hispanic labor force. Hipster artists, many of them gay, buy up a large part of the main street's real estate. Hijinks ensue!

Thank you for a positive story about demographic shifts.

The key point in the story is that everyone wants to make it work for economic reasons. Even the people who have obviously racially-inflected views are willing to kind of go along and get along because the alternative is obliteration.

Nice to know that if the alternative is obliteration people will actually do the right thing. 

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