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What if we could offer every LinkedIn member a personal assistant for their career? ~Reid Hoffman about Chatbots and AI on Backchannel

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Jessi asks, What’s LinkedIn going to look like a decade hence?

Reid Hoffman answers about AI and Chatbots and Machine Learning, oh my:

It’s very hard to see out that far. But, let’s just focus on artificial intelligence. What if we could offer every member a personal assistant for their career? Members could ask: what are the skills that are going to be really important to me in three to five years? What is the best way to develop those? Which courses both here and across the internet would be the right ones to do? Which would be the people in my network at one, two and three degrees that I should connect with? Which LinkedIn groups are the most valuable for doing that?

With Microsoft, that kind of future goes from “oh well maybe someday we’ll do that” to “maybe we can start deploying technology on that very soon.”

Microsoft's new secret weapon is Reid Hoffman.

Think I'll pass on a LinkedIn bot's advice about my career

It's just interesting that they're thinking that way instead of thinking about what other unstructured learning their data could be useful for. 

Yes.. I think it will be interesting to see how far these bots go, but it feels like something software publishers might want more than end users.  I suspect we will look back on the days of "phone menu mazes" fondly at some point.

Hmm, Chatbots are the new phone menu mazes. I can see that. 

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