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While You're Busy Waiting for "Artificial Intelligence" and Quantum Computers...

Consider this.  You have the kind of natural intelligence that AI researchers have been saying is "just around the corner" for 60 years.  Oh, and you *are* a quantum machine.

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This article mentions several biological phenomena thought to be aided by quantum effects, which contrary to previous explanations you may have heard, can manifest effects at the "macro" level.

It does not mention recent research that credibly suggests that Vitamin D, activated by sunlight, may actually teleport electrons to the hypothalamus with quantum tunneling.  Nor the theory that each neuron may contain a quantum processor with as much computing power as Kurzweil supposed the entire brain had when he predicted the singularity.  Good luck, AI researchers!

The human brain is a fascinating device. I still haven't figured out what to use mine for.

Teleporting electrons in the hypothalamus using vitamin D would be brilliant if true. 

The brain's physics engine predicts how the world behaves:

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