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Everything You Need To Know About Red Bull's Insane World Record 23-Mile Space Jump...

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Basically, a huge helium balloon with a space capsule attached will rise to 120,000 feet, and a man, Felix Baumgartner, will then jump out of said capsule and head towards Earth. During the jump, he is expected to hit 690 MPH within 30 seconds and become the first man to break the sound barrier. Think about that for a second.

More about The Jump at Jalopnik.

Live stream of the jump starts at 7:45am EST on Tuesday Oct 9:

5 ways skydiving 120,000 feet can kill you:

1. Flat spin.

2. Boiling blood.

3. Freezing.

4. Shock waves.

5. Hitting the ground too fast.

Mr. Kittinger knew just what he meant. “From the beginning of mankind, the boys want to go higher, faster, lower,” he said. “It’s a fascinating part of human nature. We’re never satisfied with the status quo.”

Glued. I am glued.

Watching .... nailbiting ....

We're on a weather hold due to winds at 700ft - the top of our giant balloon. Next update expected soon. Launch not possible before 7:30 MDT

He's actually gotten postponed and doing it right now.

Watch, man, watch!!!!

The door has opened. :-). !


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