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Master Mentalist Oz Pearlman Reveals a Great Tip for Public Speaking: Build Rapport with Your Audience

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Build confidence by seeing yourself as a third party.

If you walk up to groups of people at the event and introduce yourself and have friendly conversations, you can get members of the audience comfortable with your delivery and presence. There’s a big difference in speaking to a crowd in which several people recognize you on a colloquial level versus speaking to a completely “cold” audience.

Pearlman admits confidence can be a bit of a catch-22 for public speakers. It takes practice to get used to being in front of a crowd, but, you need confidence to get in front of the crowd in the first place.

However, Oz Pearlman has a useful psychological tip to prevent worry from eating away your confidence: get yourself out of your head by imagining yourself as a third party.

“When I’m performing, I think about myself as if I’m the agent who represents me. Then imagine that they call and they are trying to pitch me and say, ‘you know how great Oz Pearlman is?’ If somebody then says, ‘listen, we’re not interested in that right now,’ you’re never going to hear it. Your agent is going to hear it. You take out the personal element of it. They didn’t hurt your feelings.”

I only clicked on this to say I won't click on this because of the header "ridiculously simple" which has been abused by clickbait for so long its unclickable now.

Perhaps I should remove that from the title of this page?

Sadly my answer is yes it would make it easier to click on. years of buzzfeed, zergnet and other clickbait organizations on the interwebs have conditioned me to not want to click through. it is like knowing that when the bell rings someone will present you with food but it likely has ipecac in it. I literally have a physical response in my stomach to those now. the combination of what is it combined with I know this is a trap.

Cool, title changed. Less clickbait, more real. 

Thank you and I did click on it. It has some good points. I hadn't thought of building a micro social network from the audience before taking the stage, mind you, that isn't always possible but that's a great method for warming the audience to you. I love the variety of public speaking posts on your site.

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