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Canadian clay kills antibiotic-resistant bacteria on contact.

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This is awesome.  I would love to know how this was initially discovered.  Like did some ancient tribe just have a guy that ate all different kinds of dirt? 

I would imagine lots of people ate all different kinds of dirt.

Children seem to gravitate to dirt naturally. :)

If this story sounds familiar...Sheena!

But trouble is brewing in Tigora; the King's ex-football champion younger brother PrinceOtwani (Trevor Thomas) is conspiring with his brother's fiancéeCountess Zanda (France Zobda), to have Jabalani assassinated so that they can exploit the titanium-rich Zambouli land. (This may or may not have something to do with the healing properties of the soil, but this is never explained).

As long as there have been people, they've had desires for what's in the dirt. 

We're born to extract.

We are born catalysts. 

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