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Car hacking is the future – and sooner or later you'll be hit

Security is finally being taken seriously but the fact that we are increasingly entrusting our lives to self-driving cars creates unease

Car hacking is the future â and sooner or later you'll be hit | Technology | The Guardian

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Car companies are finally realising that what they sell is just a big computer you sit in,” says Kevin Tighe, a senior systems engineer at the security testing firm Bugcrowd.

But given where Tighe and I are talking, it’s hard not to be slightly uneasy about the idea that it’s normal to sit inside a massive computer and trust it with your life. We’re meeting at Defcon, the world’s largest hacking conference, just outside the “car-hacking village”, a recent addition to the convention’s lineup, where enthusiasts meet to trade tips on how to mess about with those same computers for fun and profit.

Well, this is an unsettling thought. 

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