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The Least Expensive Homes in the Most Expensive Zip Codes

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I don't know why they call this "real estate porn" because unless you unreservedly enjoy (earmuffs!) wearing nipple clamps while running a half-marathon it's more like real estate self-flagellation. Enjoy staring at the 440 square foot home that you still won't be able to afford because you're not a multi-millionaire, suckers.

Silicon Valley, home of the complaint brag.  "Can you believe I paid $10M for this dump?"

Yes, but here we call the "$2 million fixer upper" a humblebrag. :)

Yes, I could not bring myself to attach "humble" to these mutterings, not even with brag tagging along.  

It IS crazy how much houses cost around here. 

It's pricing out all but the truly privileged. 

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