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5 Weird (But Effective) Ways You Can Conquer Chronic Procrastination

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Baka classic from 2013.

I will put this on my "to read" list. 


Oh the irony that I'm reading this on PandaWhale when I should be *doing something else*.

PandaWhale is on the path to other more productive things. 

Here’s the chronic procrastination knockout punch:

1) Manage your mood throughout the day. Do the little things that keep you positive. Get enough sleep. Eat regularly. Take breaks.

2) Make your list of to-do’s with the terrifying stuff at the top and the easier stuff at the bottom.

3) Do a one minute dash and write out the steps needed to beat the first problem. This should help you get past the fear and start building momentum. If the dashes aren’t working, they’re not short and easy enough.

4) Still too difficult? Use positive procrastination and do one of the things lower on this list, rather than #1.

5) Establish your commitment device. Hand your friend that money, your most cherished possession or whatever has the most painful downside you can think of. The default position must be that you’re already screwed and need to un-screw yourself. If the commitment devices aren’t working, they’re not scary enough.

After that, just loop 3-5.

With enough practice, these become habit and that’s the goal.

The desire to procrastinate never completely vanishes. What matters is how you respond when you get that itch.

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