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Microsoft will solve cancer within 10 years by reprogramming diseased cells.

Dr Jasmin Fisher believes scientists may be able to control and regulate cancer within a decade.

Microsoft will solve cancer within 10 years by reprogramming diseased cells


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Microsoft believes that what's going on with cancer is a computational problem.

In a dramatic change of direction for the technology giant, the company has assembled a “small army” of the world’s best biologists, programmers and engineers who are tackling cancer as if it were a bug in a computer system.

This summer Microsoft opened its first wet laboratory where it will test out the findings of its computer scientists who are creating huge maps of the internal workings of cell networks.

The researchers are even working on a computer made from DNA which could live inside cells and look for faults in bodily networks, like cancer. If it spotted cancerous chances it would reboot the system and clear out the diseased cells.

Fun Reddit comment:

Apple: Here is our new iPhone 11, with the feature: AirCharge. Just place your phone on this 200$ pad and it'll start charging with no wires! audience applauds

Google: We updated Chrome again without telling you. Everything that was on the right before is now on the left.

Microsoft: We cured cancer. drops microphone

Meanwhile Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan are spending $3 billion to end all disease:

Microsoft Project Hanover: Precision Medicine to "Solve Cancer"

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