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In 2002 Paul Ford predicted Google would beat Amazon and eBay to the Interest Graph.

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Yes, I replaced "Semantic Web" with "Interest Graph" in this still-fascinating ten year old article:

The Interest Graph describes the relationships between things, like the Semantic Web aspired to do. Whereas the Semantic Web was a set of under adopted technologies, the Interest Graph is being privately assembled by individual Internet companies based on the gestures of their users.

The emerging field of Big Data Science has co-evolved with the rise of the Interest Graph to analyze all that data and make it actionable so Transactions can arise from Interactions.

Paul Ford's 2002 article (about a 2009 that could have been) could not foresee the rise of services such as Facebook and Twitter and Pinterest, but its points are still quite relevant to the still-nascent "Transactable Web".

And the Interest Graph is still up for grabs.

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