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How to Prevent Your Cat from Getting Bored and Fat

A group of animal behavior experts has produced an exhaustive report on the benefits of food puzzles “to support feline physical health and emotional well-being.” The findings, recently published in the Journal of Feline Medicine and Surgery, suggests cats are happier and healthier if you make them work for their food.


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There are a variety of puzzles on the market that won’t release food without nimble paws and a bit of kitty persistence. Some are stationary; they may have wells, cups or tunnels that the cat has to manipulate to push the food through. Other puzzles are mobile, such as the Eggsercizer—when a cat moves this egg-shaped puzzle around, dry food falls out through little holes. (Talk about a workout!) A thrifty owner can also make a puzzle by poking holes in a yogurt container, putting some dry food inside and letting the cat at it.

I love the idea of giving cats puzzles. It's fun to watch them figure it out. 

Labyrinth II: Cat Labyrinth. 

You remind me of the kitteh.  What kitteh?  The kitteh with the power. 

I understood that reference. 

Btw some people make DIY cat puzzles.

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