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Mind officially blown.


Cheese slopes (the red bits) haven't been around long. Only really from 2005 onwards.

So many more things could have been built. Why wasn't this thought of sooner???

Lots more interesting techniques on the Flickr LEGO Techniques board:

Another great LEGO blog:

Mother of LEGO

Mother of LEGO.

How do you get them apart? Brick separator!

LEGO Brick Separator

They call this type of technique, SNOT, which stands for "Studs Not On Top" there are many other ways to do this as well. Such as these, they do the same thing aesthetically but they dont get as flush


It seems like we've opened ourselves to an entirely new universe of things that can be created with LEGOs as a result of this.

I can't believe it took me 7 years to hear about this development.

Lego. The people who made 16 bit graphic block art *before* there were 16 bit block art graphics.

Yes! And somehow, magically, more popular than ever!

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