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How to parallel park like a pro:

How to parallel park like a pro

Source: not bad - Imgur

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This technique is also useful for parallel parking bicycles:


That kid doesn't look old enough to drive. BUSTED!!!


I can tell they're not in NY or Boston because the proper technique would be to bang into the car in front, reverse. Bang into the car in back. Drive. Then, bang into the car in front one last time creating a space buffer. Should anyone be occupying those cars, the driver would then be required by local ordinance to extrapolate his coffee, step out, and give the morning two-letter-one-finger-greeting to his fellow man on the way to start his day.

The method above probably only works in someplace with cowboy hats and good manners like the Midwest.

Thanks, David and Chris. Off your stuff. The world is a better place because of the two of you.

It's so true, Dawn.

Btw, if you're going to parallel park in snow, don't do it this way.

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