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Mr Rogers eating an interesting snack of banana with cheese, as suggested by a viewer.

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It is amazing to me how chill and calm he always is; in such striking contrast to current kid show hosts that seem overly animated and hyped up. I feel like there is this false idea that you have to be crazy and over the top to keep kids entertained but Mr. Rodgers was the fucking best and he was so calm. 


Wow. I randomly clicked on one of the suggested links and found a whole Mr. Rogers episode: Death of a Goldfish. He comes in and does his usual greeting routine, but when he goes to feed his fish he discovers that one of them has died.

He then quite solemnly takes it outside and buries it in the yard, and tells a nice little story about a dog he had when he was a child named Mitzy and how she got old and eventually died. Then later in the episode, he and "friend Bob" make a wooden marker together to put on the fish's grave. Then he sang a sad song about it all, and then gave a nice monologue about grieving.

This is real stuff. Real children have to deal with loss like this, and Mr. Rogers didn't sugarcoat it in the slightest. My own dog died earlier this year and I'm actually feeling pretty choked up right now, for that matter. What a guy.

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