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The Spaghetti Project: Good Things Really Do Happen When People Connect

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Then we should keep connecting good people!

As I was researching the impact of technology on relationships over the last few years, I uncovered a study on firemen by Kevin Knifflin out of Cornell University. The studies showed that firemen who eat together are better at their jobs. I always knew investing in and honoring relationships was a good thing. Now, thanks to Professor Knifflin there’s science behind it. And it saves lives! 


So as a hats off to the firemen and their favorite firehouse meal, I launched the Spaghetti Project—a research project focused on identifying how smart companies bring people together, as well as a series of homespun huddles where I create a space for folks to hang out, connect, and explore different themes.

Why? Because left to our own devices, (excuse the pun) we just aren’t connecting.

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