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Common Sense, by Richard Sherman in the Players' Tribune

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He makes a good point:

This is what the NFL wants, right? It wants players who score a touchdown to hand the ball to the official and walk away. To act like they’ve been there before.

Which is really just another example of the inconsistency — and to a degree, the hypocrisy — of the NFL.

Antonio Brown can’t twerk after a touchdown because it’s “sexually suggestive.” But every Sunday, on most sidelines, there are rows of cheerleaders doing the same types of moves to entertain the crowd. 

The NFL doesn’t want players to do anything that might set a bad example for the kids in its audience — such as showboat, or celebrate excessively — yet it features beer ads in all of its stadiums and in almost every commercial break. Josh Norman can’t shoot an imaginary bow and arrow after a big pick because the NFL says that it depicts a “violent act.” Meanwhile, the name of the team he plays for depicts Native Americans in a way that many people consider offensive.

All this is hardly surprising. The NFL is inconsistent in a lot of things it does. I mean, most people can’t even tell you what a catch is in our league. The rule has gotten so convoluted and confusing that it barely makes sense anymore. Even the guys who get paid to make the calls have difficulty applying it.