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Donald Trump will scrap NASA’s climate change research because it is ‘too politicized’.

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'We need good science to tell us what the reality is and science could do that if politicians didn’t interfere with it,' says a senior Trump adviser.

Bob Walker, who has been appointed by the President-elect to chair the NASA transition team for the new administration, said there was no need for NASA to do what he has previously described as “politically correct environmental monitoring”.

Mr Walker, who was the chair of aerospace research under George Bush, said the “interference” of politicians in climate change research was preventing scientists from discovering the “reality” about climate change, and indicated that the Trump administration would replace NASA’s focus on global warming with efforts to send humans into space.

Reddit comment:

So now not only do we have Myron Ebell climate change denier and leader of the EPA transition team. We have Bob Walker climate change denier and leader of the NASA transition team. This is getting ridiculous. Next thing you know he's going to appoint a billionaire with no experience in education to be Secretary of Education.