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Harvard Business Review: ”Don’t Waste Your Time on Networking Events”

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Because networking is better done one on one?

Adam Grant thinks the best networking happens when you gather for something that's not explicitly about networking.

I got his comment, along with the HBR link, on my FB page this morning.

It's the circle of life!

From the article:

"The most basic problem with traditional networking events is that they are mixing bowls for professionals who are there for different reasons. Everyone there is focused on his or her own personal agenda, whether it’s signing a new client, creating awareness for their business, or connecting with someone in the hopes of developing a mutually beneficial relationship. Everyone is playing a different game, which is why there are usually no clear winners." (and the writer is... "Derek Coburn is the author of Networking Is Not Working and is the Founder and CEO of CADRE, an un-networking community in Washington, D.C.")

Right, so it's better to meet people while engaged in a hobby or common mission.

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