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This AI’s attempt to write a Christmas carol is absolutely bone-chilling.

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Seriously creepy.

The karaoke technology first listened to 100 hours of Christmas music to figure out a simple melody, to which it then added chords and drums. It then viewed pictures and composes lyrics based on the words associated with those pictures. Then, if you’re lucky, it will sing those words to you—quietly, like phantom children standing directly behind you, part flesh and part void, yearning for only the peaceful oblivion of death this yuletide.

The researchers behind the project told The Guardian, “You can imagine having an AI channel on Pandora or Spotify that generates music, or takes people’s pictures and sings about them.” They are correct: You can imagine that. You just may not want to. Science fiction has taught us not to trustsinging robots, let alone ones with tidings as dire as these.

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