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Without Alec Baldwin, SNL imagines a world “Through Donald’s Eyes”

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Sneakily subversive.

Opening his eyes to the sight of the New York Times declaring itself “biased” and Fox News repeating the words “fantastic” and “landslide,” this Trump sees the world through his own, delusional, ADD tunnel vision, at least until the specter of actual work and a beseeching Trump voter send Trump into a red-tinted panic of distorted perspectives, tiny hands, and furiously boastful tweeting. Thankfully, Kate McKinnon’s creepily maternal Kellyanne Conway talks him down just in time to enjoy a romantic dance with his own reflection (hunky host Cena, in suit, wig, and majestically oversized mitts). It’s a brief, speculative glimpse into just what exactly is going on in that head of Trump’s, and a welcome diversion from the standard Trump impression. It’s gonna be a long four years—the weirder this thing gets, the weirder, it seems, SNL is going to have to get to keep up.

Also puts Trump in the awkward position of having to tweet an angry response not to Alec Baldwin but to... John Cena.  

Which he won't do because Trump loves wrestling.

He is even putting someone from wrestling in charge of the Small Business Administration. 


Looks like Trump did not tweet about this. 


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