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Political beliefs hard-wired into brain, say neuroscientists

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"Kaplan, a psychology professor at USC’s Brain and Creativity Institute, said part of the reason he and the study’s co-authors — BCI research scientist Sarah Gimbel and neuroscientist/philosopher Sam Harris — were interested in this topic is because it seems very important for humans to change their minds when they encounter new evidence.

“This is the principle that all science is based on. If we don’t change our views as we gather new evidence, what’s the point in gathering new evidence in the first place?” Kaplan asked."


Participants rated the strength of their beliefs, nonpolitical (green) and political (purple), on a scale of 1-7. They also rated their belief strength in counterarguments for those statements. The chart shows shifts, although many slight, in their belief strength. (Chart: USC Brain and Creativity Institute)

Any idea if we can rewire our brain?

Just fixing the cold solder joints we already have might be a big improvement ;)

Seriously, yes. I'd like a tune up please. 

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