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Amanda Cohen's Thai Green Curry Paste

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Simple, clean, sounds like something I will incorporate in 2017.

5. A Cleaner Grilling Oil"People make marinades for grilling vegetables, but the little bits in them often stick and burn," Cohen warns. Blend two tablespoons of paste into a cup of oil until smooth, and apply liberally to vegetables before grilling. The oil is "super flavorful" and works well with sweet vegetables like butternut squash or sweet potatoes, slightly bitter greens like Swiss chard, or anything with flavor-absorbing nooks and crannies like broccoli. Tossed into a salad, the veggies provide ample flavor without needing additional dressing.

Sounds delish. Green curry is more flavorful than spicy, right?

Yesh, it does seem to avoid the overly hot/spicy notes.

Sometimes I wonder if spicy is a flavor or if it's just the tongue feeling pain.

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