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Carrie Fisher... thank you.

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Great gifs on that page. And yesh to this:

The Character of General Organa is a fascinating example of grit and determination! She is surrounded by men who have failed her or failed themselves... her brother in exile, her father kills her mother and abandons her, her husband runs off, her son turns to the dark side... all of this and she doesn't lose faith and stays firm to her determination to fight the dark side. She continues to show resolve and leadership as the General of the Resistance. Carrie dealt with depression most of her life and resolved to fight back and show leadership in the mental health community! Thank you, General Organa.

She helped redefine womens' roles in movies:

Thanked by Melinda Gates:

Found on Pinterest:

Princess Leia Skywalker boys weak meme

Carrie Fisher advice to Daisy Ridley:

daisy Ridley advice by Carrie fisher meme imgur


Bonus Debbie Reynolds Abba Dabba:

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