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There is no exercise better for the heart and soul than reaching out and lifting others up. ~Marc and Angel

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In helping others, we help ourselves:

Finding little ways to help others snaps me out of my self-centered thinking, and then I’m not wallowing in self-pity anymore – I’m starting to think about what others need. I’m not second-guessing myself, because the question of whether I’m inadequate or not is no longer the central question. The central question now is about how I can give back.

By being kind, we can make a difference.

Today, wherever you are, whatever circumstances you’re dealing with, take a moment to really appreciate this gift we call life, and applaud.

Then do your best to give back to life.  Do something – anything – to show your gratitude for this imperfect miracle you’ve been given.  Be kind to a stranger, create something others can use, be loving to your family… make a difference in your own unique way.

Let your appreciation fuel your kindness and generosity.

And let doing so change your life.

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