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Biden Ryan debate pics / Street Fighter gifs

Reuters with an amazing Biden picture.
6:53 PM Oct 11 2012

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Joe Biden vs Paul Ryan... ROUND 1... FIGHT!!!

Joe Biden Paul Ryan fight player select

Joe Biden Paul Ryan street fighter

Biden Ryan Street Fighter gif


Drawing strong connection about Bush tax cuts, Wall Street, Great Recession, and then Romney/Ryan plan. Much better defense of past 4 years using facts than Pres did. Also called out 47%. I think Ryan has done a good job trying to humanize Romney, but it's like a boxing match. If Obama was rope-a-dope Ali, Biden is Ali in prime. Jab jab, cross. Shuffle. Taunt. Jab.


Biden Ryan hit the gym

Ryan is right now across the Atlantic after that knockout; the first Wisconsin stimulus-funded satellite. :)

Biden Ryan gifs

Biden smile Ryan gif

Paul Ryan eyebrows gif

Biden Ryan debate gif

Biden Ryan debate gif

Biden laughs Ryan debate gif

Biden Ryan drinking water gif debate

Some of those images are BEGGING for captions.

Joe Biden debate notes

Joe Biden debate notes

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