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Angry Birds The Particle Physics Board Game: Rovio And CERN Collaborate On Making Learning Quantum Physics Fun | TechCrunch

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“Modern physics has been around for 100 years, but it’s still a mystery to many people. Working together with Rovio, we can teach kids quantum physics by making it fun and easy to understand,” said CERN’s Head of Education, Rolf Landua, speaking at the Frankfurt Book Fair where the Rovio launch took place.

“It’s a great fit for both sides, combining physics and Angry Birds in a fun way. Rovio has a great platform, with a broad reach and highly engaged fans, which makes this collaboration very promising. With Rovio and Angry Birds Playground, we get a great channel to communicate what CERN does,” he added.

Does Angry Birds have an end life?

Or will it live forever, like Mario?

I think they've extended the brand so well, it will live forever like Mario. Although Mario hasn't lived forever, just a few decades. :)

But you could see Mario living forever, right?


At the moment, Wreck it Ralph has more of a story than Mario.

When Halo "reboots," as Halo 4, they add to the Halo canon or borrow from its universe. Ditto for Star Wars, Call of Duty, Metal Gear Solid, and many others.

I think Nintendo needs to work on its canon for its many great and historic franchise titles.

I mean, would you play Sonic 2012?

They're in danger of going the way of Sega before it, which would be sad to me.

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