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Tumblr long form: Suddenly everyone wants New Yorker style content. Only one catch: Who is going to write it?

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This story made my week. Most of what passes for journalism on the Internet is rubbish. Glad there are folks out there who believe in long form journalism.

How Bleacher Report moved from user generated content to editors and writers:

The Atlantic and The Verge are consistently good, too.

Wired, MIT Tech Review, and HBR are good but more niche.

And I love an occasional visit to io9 and PandoDaily.

But you're right, long form is a dying art.

So I'm curious to know if BuzzFeed and Tumblr can make good long form content.

Tumblr is a platform. There are current writers on Tumblr that do long writing well. Most do not use it for essays, but the ability is there.

I like that they are trying. I read Pando via email sub. I dislike their name though. I'll have to check out io9. I like HBR in print, but find it harder to find stuff I like there online. Wired and the Atlantic are also great.

Why do you dislike their name?

io9 is mostly short form but it's fun:

Are there any other great sites like Atlantic and New Yorker?

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