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Don't call it tanking. The Warriors need to DUMP in 2012.

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From a brilliant post by Scott Ostler of the Chronicle:

Rather than the unsavory tanking, the Warriors could call their strategy Dynamic Utilitarian Managing and Positioning, or DUMP.

The coach and front office would expand their collective vision to take in the great sweep of the future, rather than myopically fixating on a few wins right now. It's a form of delayed gratification, which psychologists say is a measure of character.

They need a big-picture strategy, a dignified and progressive concept behind which a team's coach/executive staff can rally, although their rallying would be on the down-low.

The big question now is not whether the Warriors should DUMP, but whether they have waited too long. Regardless, this is crunch time. Every loss is vital. The 2012 draft, if it were a fruit tree, would be loaded with juicy, bowling-ball-sized plums.

Yes! Yes! DUMP!! DUMP!!!

Hopefully rookie mistakes can "bail the team out and prevent potentially disastrous wins"... :)


Warriors tanked in 2012 and that strategy world PERFECTLY:

Imagine how great the Warriors will be after 2014 when Andres Biedrins and Richard Jefferson leave the payroll:

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