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Icy what you did there.

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Breaking ice these days is such a pain in the ass.

Ach, mein arsch!

Man Jumps Ice Pool Ass gif

Reddit thread.

Ice, meet fire. I must go, my people need me!

I must go my people need me Nothing to see here Man Jump Lake Fire Rocket gif

Nothing to see here...

glad his tailbone did not shatter

Yeah, that would have been so not pretty.

Speaking of which...

blast off lake jump shits ass jet pack gif


Fat Guy Jumps Into Ice Lake gif

fat guy jumping in pool

fat guy breaking pool

These would all make fine THANKS OBAMA gifs.

Thanks, Obama! ice lake gif

Sixth sense!

Sixth sense - Imgur

Slide goat slide!

sliding Goat ice gif - watch and learn how we slide. - Imgur

Spider-Man to the rescue!

Spider-Man Ice trip prank gif

Duck Slide deal with it gif Imgur

I can't breathe & everyone I am passing in the grocery store aisle keeps smiling back at me because I am walking around alone laughing & I can't stop

It's like a bunny licking an ice cream cone. So memorable and amusing!

Ice cream bunny gif

2 glasees of wine + video = funny

i rest my case.

The video is funny even without any glasses of wine! :)

My hero!

He's good at recovering from an otherwise embarrassing situation.

ew gross, mustve been the tensing as he prepared to land...

Let's hope so! Otherwise he likely broke something. 

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